The Nature Of The World

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Does man define his own meaning in life? Moreover, throughout history, the nature of the world has been in debate. Philosophers have been thinking about the nature of the world for thousands of years. The first philosophers have the belief that the nature of the world comes from natural things such as water, fire, and air. Socrates came up with this idea of existentialism, where existence precedes essence. Rene Descartes built upon this idea in stating that man should have extreme doubt because then we will know that something is real, such as a person 's body, is it really there? But, no one can doubt their own mind because it is what is doing the doubting. Descartes states that a man with a mind will be “like masters and possessors of nature”. If a man is self-surpassing then they can be the possessor of nature, but one must do this without the hubris of a Homeric hero(human condition of mortality). Jack London writes about the existentialist view of the world in his short story “How to Build a Fire”, by having a prideful man who is struggling with his mind-body dualism. London uses plot, Character/POV, and symbolism to convey the theme that man should not reject his physical being because of pride in his mind by having the man not imagine he has a body because of his excessive pride in his mind that is undefeatable to nature because of his mind and in the end he dies.
Jack London uses the plot to convey the theme pride goes before the fall by having the man fight his…
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