The Nature of Corruption in John Grisham's Novel "The Appeal"

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Politics has always been a dirty game. Now justice is, too.” Although “The Appeal” by John Grisham is a fictional book, the author himself claims that there is a certain truth behind the storyline, as he explains in the author's note. “I must say that there is a lot of truth in this story.” This quote especially shocks one when reconsidering the story and the criminal energy involved. The book impresses the reader with a story based on corruption and money. Mary Grace and Wes Payton are, married and both work as lawyers on the verdict against Krane Chemicals, on the edge of financial ruin they barely manage to finance the last trial against Krane Chemicals. Although they win the verdict and with that earn an immense amount of money…show more content…
This is then the point when a mysterious organization comes into the story changing Carl's chances by buying a seat in the court deciding on the case, by recruiting and financing a unsuspecting candidate. One may argue that this book was too long and partly too descriptive in both the storyline and the characters, which made it hard to follow the storyline throughout the book. Grisham's intend is clearly to sensitize and focus his readers on corruption in the sections companies, politics and justice. ”As long as private money is allowed in judicial elections we will see competing interests fight for seats on the bench.” Grisham highlights this point so often throughout the book that one clearly notices his concern of corruption in the judicial system because of money.The book changes its pace very rapidly from chapter to chapter therefor the narrative style reminds one of an appeal in a court with constantly changing perceptions and argumentations. John Grisham wrote the book in a way that the reader constantly switches between the parallel stories of the two lawyers and Carl Trudeau and his company. The way in which john Grisham writes, lures the reader into a feeling that the actual story is true and happening while one is reading. The book brings both the interesting parts of a trial into one's understanding as well as the boring paperwork making the book different as its pace and tension switch constantly and are not

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