The Nature of Technology Essay

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A good portion of my life is lived on-line. It might even be said that I live a double life, part of it with family, friends, and co-workers in the immediate, material world, and another part with circles of family, friends, and co-workers on the net. Not only am I connected to other people, but I am also connected to a collection of tools and resources that help me in my day-to-day life. For example, I use hypertext as a thinking tool for producing and developing my ideas; I use the Web as a canvas for mapping and presenting myself and my work; and I use a smart phone not only to keep in touch, but also to manage my time and organize my projects. Yet, as I write, I realize that I must detail the nature of my on-line relationships,…show more content…
[...] Schools will change to become more like museums and playgrounds for children to assemble ideas and socialize with other children all over the world. The digital planet will look and feel like the head of a pin. As we interconnect ourselves, many of the values of a nation-state will give way to those of both larger and smaller electronic communities. We will socialize in digital neighborhoods in which physical space will be irrelevant and time will play a different role. Twenty years from now, when you look out a window, what you see may be five thousand miles and six times zones away. When you watch an hour of television, it may have been delivered to your home in less than a second. Reading about Patagonia can include the sensory experience of going there. A book by William Buckley can be a conversation with him. (Negroponte 6-7) This rhetoric has been gaining currency rapidly in a short period of time. Those who subscribe to the vision are aware of the importance of community, creativity, and hard work -- everything that the rhetoric describes. But even as I attempt to explain that widespread enthusiasm for the Internet is due to these admirable values, a dark cloud of uncertainty appears on the horizon. No event, however promising or fantastic, should pass by without inspection. Pro-Internet criers can't know the truth of their rhetoric until it is critically
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