The Nature of Work in High Technology and Mass Production Environment

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This paper will investigate the nature of work in high technology and mass production environment such as the garment industry in India and Foxconn. It will describe the importance of Foxconn and Pradeep and it product. Furthermore it will define stress and how it can affect individuals also it will pinpoint some difference key source of stress. It will also state the consequences’ stress can have in an organisation including it employees. It will give some evidence of stress and it examples. It will further state some authors who talk about effect of stress before stating what happened at Foxconn and Pradeep and its employees. It will state that the worker at foxconn has committed several suicides which few of them survived and why it…show more content…
Foxconn are now the most dependable name in contract manufacturing services such as the CMMS, CEM, EMS and ODM in the world ((Foxconn, 2014). When focusing on the field on nanotechnology, wireless connectivity, heat transfer, material sciences, and the green manufacturing process, optical electric, new material and the establishment of research institution for nanotech. They’ve set up several different research centres and testing laboratories for the mechanism, material, technological development worldwide, and the electronics that can conduct series of science research.
Foxconn devotion to develop a nanotech, Nano measure, thermal treatment, wireless network, CAD/CAE, environmental protection, optical plating technique, SMT, Nano processing and a network CMOS chips which will then allow Foxconn to be able to accumulate over 25,000 patents that are granted worldwide by the year of 2010.
Stress can cause a major impact on the organisations and employers in many different ways and it could be very costly. The impact of stress on employer could lead to absenteeism due to work related stress because of the stressful working conditions workers have to deal with on a daily basis. If employees take legal action then they’ll be able to take the employer to court because of the stressful working condition. The grievance a procedure that’s linked with management of staff and the organisational practices is also undertaken, from a legal point of view
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