The Natures Of The Language And The Nature Of Language

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Cambridge Dictionary states that language is “a system of communication consisting of sounds, words, and grammar, or the system of communication used by people in a particular country or type of work”. With particular definition, we can clearly observe that the system of language is made up from the existence of words that brings something meaningful regardless the context, and the construction of the sentences based on the collected words following the systematic grammatical rules which eventually will be conveyed through the pronunciation of each words by the system of sounds. Thus, firstly, we can conclude that the nature of language is, it has a specific system. If we wonder for a while, throughout the world, there is no languages that…show more content…
Learning language is not only about learning the grammar or the syntax but we can know more than that with language. Based on the existence of language, we can know the system that human before us used to communicate which will bring us to the study of sociology. Apart from that, we can learn how our amazing brain works to produce and to memorize the system of the language that we have been using to speak or to write since we were a baby, through the help from the study of psychology. In addition, we can be exposed by several natures of language that we might overlook such as the existence of specific system in languages, the uniqueness of the language and the identification of a society based on the language used. A language serves several purposes to human being in their daily life. Working, eating, even sleeping, we need certain kind of system for us to be able to perform those activities in our life. The transformation of language within several hundred years gives a lot of significance to the current world too, as language is an important medium to the world to communicate and it becomes easier and easier to learn as the time goes by. Hence, the area of linguistic is an interesting journey to be explored and more knowledge will be discovered from time to
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