The Navajo People Are The Largest Native American Tribe

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The Navajo people are the largest Native American tribe in the United States, now with over 300,000 members. They are native to a large chunk of Southwestern United States, mostly in New Mexico and Arizona, but also partially in Utah and Colorado. It was sometime between 1100 - 1500 A.D. when a distinguishable Navajo culture began to appear. The first Western contact that is known with the Navajo occurred near 1581 - 1583 A.D. Historians believe that the Navajo were relatively peaceful with their new Spanish neighbors. However there were some times over the centuries after the Spanish settlement in which the Navajo fought Spanish settlers to retain their land.
The Navajo’s first contact with the United States came during the Mexican American War. The area where the Navajo lived was seen as a strategic area for the United States military. Troops were therefore brought to Navajo land to form treaties with them. Both sides more or less ignored these treaties. Navajo groups and New Mexican settlers would often clash. The United States government began mobilizing troops to New Mexico, and proceeded to establish military bases there. This initially established a precedence that the government could take advantage of the Navajo people. For the most part, the Navajo wanted to avoid any conflict, and the United States government chose to exploit this.
Uranium is a naturally occuring chemical element that can be mined from ore in many parts of the Southwestern United States where
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