The Navy And Navy Reserve

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Introduction The United States Military is the Armed Forces that consist of skilled warriors who belong to one of the five following Armed Service Branches; Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine Corps. Both men and women can join the military at the age of 17 with parent consent and at the age of 18 without parent consent. Military members fall into three general categories; the reserve and guard forces (members who can be called to active duty while working a civilian job), active duty (sailors and soldiers who work full time) and veterans and retiree (past members).
Together the Armed Forces work together to maintain peace and security within the United States, while specializing in their own missions. The Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve’s mission is to protect and clear domestic waterways, while staying involved with law enforcement, rescues and drug prevention. The Navy and Navy Reserve’s mission is to protect and secure the oceans around the world, primarily by sea, but also land and air. The Air Force and Air Force Reserve’s mission is to fly satellites, helicopters and airplanes. They are the nation’s source of space power and air. A separate reserve component of the United States Air Force is the Air National Guard. The Army and Army Reserve’s mission is to guard the United States’ properties and installations throughout the world. They are the nation’s dominant land power. Included in this branch is the Army National Guard, which is required
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