The Nazi Officer’s Wife: How One Jewish Woman Survived the Holocaust

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The Nazi Officer’s Wife: How One Jewish Woman Survived the Holocaust Edith Hahn Beer who was born in 1914 wrote The Nazi Officer’s Wife, a memoir about her life and difficulties of survival during the reign of Adolf Hitler. Edith goes through her life day by day explaining the constant fear she lived in. Edith’s biggest nightmare during this entire thing was her true identity being revealed and losing it at the same time. Even though there was a grave amount of risk for Edith’s life she made sure she kept record of her survival. She saved all the papers she had gotten from her lost love, Pepi and all the photographs she somehow managed to take while she was in the labor camps. After fourteen months in the Nazi labor camps she had…show more content…
Although Werner said he did not want to be a father to a Jewish child Edith soon persuaded him into becoming a father. Edith still had the dream of seeing her family again but she had accepted the fact that she would probably never see them again. Edith wanted to go back to Vienna and see some familiar faces and wanted to catch up on peoples live she was afraid of losing herself. Edith loved the life she had with Werner, but she began to feel it all slip away. For example, when she was working at the Red Cross she remembered women coming in to have children and being put under anesthesia and letting things slip out without and recollection of it happening. When Edith went into labor, she suffered through the pain of natural birth to protect herself and she gave birth to a healthy baby named Angela. Edith always knew she was Jewish, but she wondered if Angela would ever be able to experience that. As a little girl Edith was never taught the hardcore traditional ways of Jewish people and now more than ever she feels less like a Jew. The Nazi’s were losing the war and began to get bombed on a daily basis. Werner, who at this time has one blind eye got drafted to fight as was sent to the Russian front. Before Werner left, he and Edith would listen to the illegal radio stations but when Werner had left for the Russian front she found herself listening to it a lot more often. While listening to these illegal

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