The Nazi Party And The Nazis

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The Nazi’s quest to unite Germany under the notion of ‘One People, One Empire’ affected and impacted many social groups in Germany. Women were utilized by the Nazi Party in ensuring the survival and ‘production’ of the future generations of Germany, and maintaining the ideal and traditional version of the Aryan mother and wife. There was also a lot of pressure directed towards artists and writers. Who in the eyes of the Nazi party, were meant to conform to art forms such as neoclassicism and traditional styles as to promote the Aryan ideals and power of Nazi Germany. German youth was also captivated, indoctrinated and utilized by the Nazi Party, in order to fulfil Hitler’s visions of future Germany, with strong Aryan leaders and soldiers. The Nazi party manipulated the education and upbringing of many German youths, garnering their loyalty, strength and numbers through the concept of racial unity. The Youth began as the very first and essential step in creating a new generation of Nazi’s who would eventually come to inherit Germany. The German education system had been hijacked and transformed in order to encapsulate an entire generation of youths into fighting for one cause, the Nazi Cause. Especially at an age, were children were susceptible to the vigour and power of authority. Simple things such as children’s picture books and bedtime stories had been altered to portray Jewish characters as villainous and sinister, and Aryans as heroes and legendary. School subjects

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