The Nazi Party Of Germany

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The Nazi Party of Germany aimed to create a ‘racially pure’ society between the years 1933 through to 1945. This society, or Volksgemeinschaft, was to contain Hitler’s ideological view on what a pure person, or Aryan should be. It also involved the exclusion of anyone who did not fit this mould. The Nazi party was extremely successful in achieving their highly aimed goal. Through the Nazi’s control over youth groups and in children’s education, the Nazi Party and Hitler were able to reach this goal in the years 1933 to 1939, and this continued through World War Two till the end of 1945. The Nazi Party convinced children about their ideologies and by doing so paved a path for the new generation to be followers of the Third Reich. Not everyone supported the Nazi regime, but overall it was accepted by society, and the youth groups helped the Nazi party form their ideal society leading up to and during the war. When Hitler became Chancellor and passed the Enabling Act in 1933, it allowed the Nazi Party to have control over Germany. The controlling of the education system allowed the Nazi’s to implement their beliefs and ideas in subjects. The Hitler Youth organisations were a way for the Nazi party to groom future supporters and members of the Nazi party. This included future SS members and the future perfect Aryan Nazi family. The policies they implemented in the schools and youth groups were what ultimately helped the Nazi party be successful in forming their idealistic
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