The Nazi Regime Of The Weimar Republic And The Creation Of A Terror State

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On 30th January 1933, through ruthless determination, Adolf Hitler became Germany 's 24th Chancellor, bringing the totalitarian Nazi party into power and creating a fascist Nazi State. Ultimately this led to the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the creation of a terror state, in which the German society was forced to conform to the regime due to the excessive use of violence, fear, and intimidation. The Nazi regime created various economic benefits, which served to disguise the detrimental effects the regime had on youth and education, the segregation of minority groups, and women 's rights. Furthermore, the German population was oppressed through the consolidation of a ruthless and merciless police state. This police state served to…show more content…
As a result of the regime 800,000 married women were dismissed from the German labor force between 1933 and 1935 being replaced by men. In addition, only unmarried women over the age of 35 were permitted to hold positions within the civil service, and women were forbidden to serve juries due to the reasoning that "they cannot think logically or 1 Adolf Hitler,
2 K.J Mason. and P. Fielden. Republic to Reich, pp. 143 reason objectively since they are ruled only by emotion."3 The Nazi state required women to be conservative, in which they wore long skirts, flat shoes, no makeup, no hair dye, non-smokers, and most importantly broad hips for childbirth4. Nonetheless various benefits came with the philosophies put forth by the regime. ‘Genetically healthy ' couples were entitled to loans up to 1000 Reichsmarks, offered only if the woman was unemployed; in addition, a quarter of the loan was paid by the government for every child the couple had. Furthermore, families with three or more children were entitled to reduced rail fares, electricity bills, and gas bills5.

The Nazi state encouraged women to have children, rewarding them with ‘The Mother 's Cross, ' a prestigious award for giving birth to numerous children. Mothers were rewarded with a bronze cross for four children, a silver cross for six children, and a gold cross for eight or more children. In conclusion ‘The
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