The Nazi Regime

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The rise of the Nazi regime in Germany in the early part of the 20th century was an impressive, and nearly unforeseen incident that had long-lasting implications on the rest of the Western world. While the Nazi party was extreme in their ideologies, the circumstances in which they came to power were dire; Germany had been crippled by a massive depression and was being forced to pay reparations through the “Young Plan” which required Germany to pay the Allied forces “a series of annual payments extending until 1988”(Bullock, 160). The German people were left without any leadership in a time of disparity, but naturally, a strong leader filled this vacuum. Even though the actions of the Nazi party were extreme and unjustifiable, they needed…show more content…
At the time that Hitler was appointed Chancellor, Alfred Hugenburg said “‘I’ve just committed the greatest stupidity of my life; I have allied myself with the greatest demagogue in world history’” (Briggs & Clavin, 254). Even the politician who appointed Hitler was unaware of how radical his ideology was, and how influential he would be as a leader to the German people. After the Nazi party gained control of the government, there was no way to make them give up this power. The people were at the mercy of the fascist government, and Hitler had no intention of returning to democracy. Hitler believed that “‘[Germany’s] constitution only marks out the arena of battle, not the goal… once we possess the constitutional power, we will mould the state into the shape we hold suitable’” (Briggs & Clavin, 255). If anyone should shoulder the blame for the rise of this extremist party, it should be the failed League of Nations; who had put Germany at their mercy by strangling their economy, and Neville Chamberlin who saw the increasing strength of the German nation under Adolf Hitler, but chose to ignore that Germany was increasing their military strength. One of the provisions in the Treaty of Versailles was that Germany could not have a large army, but due to the weakness of the
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