The Nazi Regime Used Propaganda Posters

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The Nazi regime used propaganda posters to primarily expose the German people to a new way of thinking. In charge of distributing and overseeing the creation of a majority of the propagandist posters was Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels. Born in Rheydt, Germany he created and ran the Third Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. There, his goal was to play upon the hopes, fears, and frustrations of the German people. Then, he wished to harness those same emotions to spark a German movement and war. Goebbels believed that the written word, instead of the spoke word, was responsible or countless great events in history. In his posters he hoped that: "Today every German soldier, worker, and pleasant knows what we are fighting for. This is not a war for thorn and altar; it is a war for wheat and bread, for a full table three times a day, a war of achievement of material means necessary for a solution of the social question." There was fire in his blood, and it would end up clearly manifesting in his work on propaganda posters. Initially Nazi propagandists used niche marketing to connect their posters to all aspects of German life. Under niche marketing, they concentrated their efforts on smaller, yet influential groups of people. Some examples included woman working in homes, farmers, factory workers, and war veterans. If the government could get the support of those distinct groups, then they knew they would have a strong support base to rely and rally on for
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