The Nazis: A Short Story

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I woke up this morning with a bright smile on my face, and the sky was as blue as the river across the valley. Mother told me yesterday the the nazis were in a bad mood and if anyone knocked on the door to not answer it, but i like the nazis they always call my friends funny names and i call them funny names back, its our game we like to play i suppose. I went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I got a cup of milk and a sliver of bread, but i was still hungry so i went to mothers room snatch a lolly from her cabinet.

Sometimes i worry about mother and father they are always crying in their room, and that makes me really sad. I heard a knock on the door. I heard some kids my age screaming and crying . my heartbeat went up, i knew something
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We went to the attic to see if they had survived but when we got to the bottom step all we could see were two innocent people holding hands as they knew they were dieing. We buried them at the valley and prayed that they would go to heaven in peace. Father let me go out to play a week later. I went into the deep woods like i did when i was in school. As i walked father and father i was stopped by a metal fence.

I could see kids from school, and some of my neighbors that went i that big train. They seemed pretty sad so i said hi but no one noticed me. I went around the side and saw i mean man kicking a old man. I yelled at him, and he asked for my name so i said rose petit, you mean man. I ran home and told mother. Throughout the conversation she seemed angry as well as worried.

When father got home he gave me a look that made me burst in tears. the next day we moved from berlin to leipzig. After a year of living their father had gotten a job as an general which was a big deal apparently. I got to visit one of those places where i saw the mean man. Everyone there looked as skinny as the couple that used to live with us. When i walked up to a group of kids they all cried on me which made me feel sad. I ran to a big house with a bunch of other kids my age and i heard so many coughs and cries, i was so scared. Everything was so crowded and then everything went black i remember mother saying the darkness was good so i smiled. 1 cry, 1 cough, 1 breath
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