The Nazis And The Holocaust

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Ihr Kampf The Nazis, who came to power in Germany in January 1933, believed that Germans were “racially superior” and that Jews, were “inferior” and were a “threat” to the German Racial community: this was the idea behind the Holocaust, meaning “sacrifice by fire”. The Jewish population of Europe stood at over nine million in 1933, most of these Jews lived in countries that the Nazis would soon occupy. By 1945, the Germans and collaborators killed two out of every three European Jews as part of the “Final Solution”. Hitler strongly believed that everything he was planning and had done was the right thing to do and was God’s way. “If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown…show more content…
Jewish inmates were fed 400-1300 calories a day, the average american consumes 3,770 per day. Inmates were rarely to never given meat, they were mainly fed soup and bread. Jewish inmates were often humiliated for example, SS men would make religious Jews cut their beards. Inmates were not given correct clothing for the weather, so many Jews died from the harsh cold in Poland. Jews were cramped while sleeping on wooden or stone bunks, many jews used their bowl as a pillow. The Nazi party empowered Germany Security police, “The German Security Police (Sicherheitspolizei; Sipo) had exclusive responsibility for arrest as well as orders for incarceration, release, execution, or other “official” disciplinary punishment.”(The American Holocaust Memorial Museum). Surprisingly, the Nazis weren 't the first to use gas chambers as a killing method; in the 1920’s gas chambers were a legal execution method in the states of the United States.Victims of gas chambers were often unloaded from cattle cars and told they had to be disinfected in “showers.” The victims were ordered to enter with raised arms so as many people as possible could fit into the “shower.” The tighter the gas chambers were packed, the faster the victims suffocated. After the Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union, the Nazis experimented with mobile gas chambers, gas vans,

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