The Nazis' Control of Everyday Life in Germany after 1933 Essay

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The Nazis' Control of Everyday Life in Germany after 1933

In this project I intend to explain how the Nazis controlled everyday life in Germany from 1933 onwards. I shall look at how Youths, Women, Workers, Control and Propaganda and the Jews, were all either part of the control or a victim of it.

Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 at Braunau, on the Austro-Bavarian frontier. He was the son of a customs official, in the Austrian government. His family was middle class and in an extreme nationalist area, so he had learnt to distrust capitalists and the working class alike. When he was 19 with both parents dead Hitler moved to Vienna looking to get into the arts college, they
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They took over a beer hall and said they were forming a new government, from where a revolution would sweep the rest of Germany. Hitler had the backing of General Ludendorf and other Nationalists hostile to the current government. The next morning Hitler Ludendorf and about 2000 supporters set out for the public offices in the centre of Munich. They were confronted by a large force of armed Police who opened fire. The Nazi supporters fled. Hitler suffered a dislocated shoulder was arrested and was sent to prison. The judges gave him a minimum sentence of 5 years and recommended an early parole. The prison was the Lansberg fortress, from which he was released after 8 months. While in prison he started to write his famous book, Meine Kampf, which became the political bible of the Nazi party, within it Hitler, looked forwards to the creation of a third Reich. In succession to Charlemagne Holy Roman Empire, and Bismarck’s second empire. It argued that Germany had been betrayed by signing the Treaty of Versailles, and forced into paying reparations to Jewish financiers and was surrounded by enemies. Also one of the main points was the belief that Germans were the Herrenvolk or master race, and should have living space in the east where they could expand and prosper. When Hitler was released from jail in

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