The Nazis Of The Jewish Race

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Imagine yourself as a child at home, taking a peaceful nap after having a hectic day at school. All of a sudden, you hear your parents come home knocking on your door shouting at you, to go and wash the dishes. Automatically you get up to do as you 're told because you know what the consequences would be if you do not listen to your parents; who are leaders. Since you are influenced by your parents you would try to emulate them, believing what they say is the right thing to do; however, you might try to do more just to impress them because you want to be acknowledged and rewarded by them for doing extra work without being told to. This is what took place in Germany during the Holocaust; the Nazi SS soldiers tried to impress Hitler by causing the genocide of the Jewish race. These soldiers played the role of perpetrators during the Holocaust. Furthermore, the Nazis SS soldiers would treat the Jews like they were less than humans in Germany. They also tortured and killed many innocent Jewish individuals who were either in the concentration camps or others who were rebelling against the Nazis. Additionally, the Jewish people were showed no type of compassion whatsoever while under the authority of the Germans. Therefore, the Nazi SS soldiers were the cause of the mass destruction during the Holocaust because they attempted to obliterate an entire race that they considered inferior to their superiority; while Adolf Hitler was trying to make Germany into a stronger and more
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