The Nazy Concentration Camp System

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Impact on Liberation In the late 1944 early 1945, the Nazi concentration camp system was collapsing leading to terrible overcrowding which led to many deaths of prisoners. As allied troops carried across Europe, they came across thousands of prisoners from the concentration camps. They noticed that many of these prisoners were suffering from starvation, exhaustion, and diseases. Many of the soldiers that came across these camps became ill to their stomach. Not only did they come across ill prisoners but piles of corpses, rooms full of clothing, bags of human hair, torture instruments, and gas chambers with nail markings on the walls as well. How did these soldiers handle this situation mentally knowing what they were fighting against and…show more content…
Mr. Acevedo says that he used to write down recipes on a piece of paper and discuss it with his buddies on what he wanted to eat the moment he would get home. The only food the prisoners would get is one hundred grams of bread every week and soup made from rats. Acevedo was scared but kept his faith. “Some didn’t have the faith but I always tried to remind myself that ‘Hey, you always have someone else to live for. (Drash)’” “We were liberated today, April 23, 1945,” Acevedo says as he reads from his diary. His story is one of the few that was never supposed to see the daylight. “We had to sign an affidavit saying that we never went through what we went through. We weren’t supposed to say a word.” Acevedo followed the agreement for decades but he says that it is too important to be forgotten. The prisoner of war, including Acevedo, gathered at the Memorial Medical Center in Loma Linda, California to applaud Acevedo for his heroics. One man gave thanks to having medics like Anthony Acevedo in the field as their own heroes. Another man added, “The people that are in this room really are an endangered species.” A man replied, “When they’re gone, they’re gone. That is why they should be honored and put in history for generations to come because there are not that many of them left (Gutierrez).” After the Second World War, Germany had enacted a certain amount of laws to provide compensation for many of the American soldiers who suffered persecution

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