The Ncaa And The U.s. Department Of Defense

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“The first NCAA concussion case was brought by Adrian Arrington, a former defensive back and rover for Eastern Illinois, in 2011” ( The reason why this case was made was because the athletes that got a concussion the NCAA did not do anything about it, but now those players have medical problems and need some help.
As of May 29, 2004 “the NCAA and the U.S. Department of Defense are embarking on a landmark $30 million initiative to enhance the study of student-athletes and service members” ( Beside all the money that the NCAA gives to different studies they also award scholarships and grants. “The NCAA awards more than $10 million in scholarships and grants annually to student-athletes and member institution, in addition to the $2.4 billion allocated to schools to fund athletics scholarships” ( They are also providing $15 million in grant money over the next three years to fund a joint initiative with the U.S. Department of Defense. The NCAA has been giving scholarship since 1964 to help college athletes pursue additional education opportunities. Some of the scholarships are Jim McKay, Walter Byers Postgraduate and Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Postgraduate. There are a lot of information out there on scholarship and grants, but every division have different scholarships and grants they can apply for.
The NCAA is “committed to enforcing the rules, creating fair competition and establishing a positive competitive environment for…

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