The Necessary Intellect of Ordinary People

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The uneducated are often unaware of how people take advantage of them when under the power of a leader using propaganda. Propaganda is an opinionated advertisement used to control and appeal to people's judgement and emotions, and gets them to do what they want (Stults). Not all persuasion is propaganda, and not all propaganda is bad (Stults). George Orwell writes Animal Farm as an allegorical fable associated with Lenin’s lead over the revolution that established the Communist control of Russia. After the animals of Animal Farm are successful with the Rebellion against Jones, they to lose sight of how the pigs are slowly influencing them. Like the use of propaganda in Russia, the pigs on Animal Farm are able to manipulate the other…show more content…
The pigs train the animals to repeat the phrase so much which makes it impossible for any animals on the farm to think humans are not evil. The pigs are able to manipulate the animals on the farm using distortion and bad logic because the animals are quick to believe anything and will trust whatever the pigs say. Propagandists often have to change information that could disturb their opinions to make it appeal to an audience (Stults). Propaganda will often be illogical if the propagandist thinks that their ideas are believable (PBS). Because few of the farm animals are highly knowledgeable, the pigs take the milk from the cows and the windfall apples in Chapter 3 and the other animals barely question them. In fact, the pigs say it is for the animals’ own good that they drink the milk and eat the apples because it helps them run the farm and they actually dislike them (Orwell 36). The animals are foolish and do not argue with Squealer’s explanation for drinking the milk and eating the apples. They are so incredibly lacking in common sense that they do not notice the pigs control of the farm and the pigs are able to have a way to take more food than the other animals. After the van takes Boxer, the pigs tell the animals a fake story to conceal that the sell him. When Squealer tells the animals that even though Boxer is picked up in the knacker wagon, it takes him to the hospital, the animals believe him. Benjamin the

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