The Necessary Use Of Bureaucracy In The United States

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When things get done in America most credit goes either to congress, the president, or sometimes even the courts. While these titles do hold much of the responsibility for change a lot of America’s day to day activities are made possible because of factions of government known as the bureaucracy. Many citizens associate this with an unnecessary use of big government however, “Bureaucracy actually means any large, complex organization in which employees have specific job responsibilities and work within a hierarchy of authority” (Janda, et al.). The implementation of bureaucracy allows for a more efficient work flow. The bureaucratic functions are to aid in the enforcement and implementation of legislation, to make new rules for the public to…show more content…
While congress does have the capabilities to fulfill this wish, “Well-established agencies have lives of their own, and are difficult to change. Besides, the country has large, complex, needs requiring special attention. A large bureaucracy is a part of the government's attempt to meet those needs” (“The Origination of the Bureaucracy”). To fully grasp the concept of what shrinking the bureaucracy would do an exploration of the ways it can be shrunk is mandatory. (Janda, et al.) Just as there are four major types of bureaucracy there are four major types of reducing said bureaucracy, they include: Deregulation, termination, devolution, and privatization. Termination is the least popular of the methods, due to the fact that it closes the entire agency and politics suggest this is an unwise move. Devolution or outsourcing a federal program to local branches of government is the most popular of the four (Janda, et al.). That being said should the government decide to close various federal agencies not only would many people lose their jobs, but the services provided by these agencies would become services citizens would have to pay for individually. For example, should the government decide the United States Postal Service was better left in hands of privately owned companies the service that is offered at a relatively low price may skyrocket and some may not be able to afford…show more content…
It has been identified by earlier scholars such as Robert Merton that there are four imperative traits, which most bureaucrats develop as a result of their work. (Merton; Goodsell 94) One would be a lack of adaptability in the workforce. This happens due to the fact that each agency is filled with workers with a specific skill set that would aid them in that job position and make it hard for their skill to be used in a separate job. The second trait would be that the bureaucrats are sticklers for the rules. The need for following the rules and guidelines can cause them to loose sight of the big picture such as the original goal. The third trait would be that due to the fact that most hold their positions for long periods of time they may become hyper-conscious and attached to it. The Fourth and final trait Merton mentioned in the article would be that the need to follow the rules causes them to overlook the fact that they are serving another person. Sometimes they lose sight of the fact that they are dealing with individuals (Merton; Goodsell
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