The Necessities For Living Are Basic Food, Water, And Shelter

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The necessities for living are basic: food, water, and shelter. Plain and simple, but how do you acquire such necessities? Education is the foundation. No matter where anyone goes with life, the need for an education is an important factor in living a healthy, safe, and successful life. In America, many adults still lack the ability to read and understand the world around them because they are not literate, and it doesn’t just affect the individual. The affects are passed down to the children, the communities, and finally it is passed to society as a whole. As the world changes, so does the definition of literacy. In the past, to be considered literate was a basic understanding of reading, and writing. In today’s definition, Americans need a more advance level of skills to function adequately in all areas of their lives. Reasoning and problem solving in the business market are more competitive, and the tools people need to be more successful is based off whether or not they are literate to societies standards. Unfortunately, people are unable to provide the basics, such as, food, water, and shelter in America because of the lack of sufficient education, and the ability to read and write to the standard level that is required in today’s time. Literacy is in direct correlation with a society’s culture and the cultures ideology. For a society to advice, it has to start with the individual, and for America that means closing the gap between the literate and the illiterate

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