The Necessity For An Alternative Toy For Girls

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Mature Barbie: The Necessity for an Alternative Toy for Girls What is the first toy someone thinks to give a little girl? A doll or perhaps the most popular doll the Barbie. Many people’s first instinct to give a little girl for a toy is a Barbie doll. But, why does many believe that a Barbie doll is the most appropriate toy for young girls? Throughout history parents and others are influenced by the media that Barbie dolls make the best gift for girls. Despite the fact that many girls play with dolls in their childhood and enjoy playing with them; there still is a stigma that girls are only allowed to play with dolls. These girls and their parents are misguided by society on the proper toys for girls. In fact, Barbie as well as other…show more content…
Many of the studies found that Barbie has a negative impact on girl’s body image, and self-esteem. Other studies found that Barbie dolls influence girls to be sexy in order to be popular. Another study found that playing with block or another building kit helps promote spatial skills as well as early mathematical skills. In addition, other studies found that other toys also boost creativity and helps children to imagine. This is all evidence that toys influence children in several ways and that Barbie dolls have a negative effect on girls. As a result, parents and other relatives are responsible in buying toys that have a wide variety of benefits for girls. There are many toys that help boost creativity and imagination in young children. Legos and other toys that are made for creating which assists children in developing their creativity and imagination. For example, “in the toy advice literature, one finds that a creative toy encourages imagination, improvisation, problem solving, fantasy, and pretending” (McClary 62). Toys such as Legos encourages children to use their imagination to build and create various buildings and things. Imagination, improvisation and problem solving are all very important skills to develop because it will help children to learn solve mathematical problems which be beneficial for children in grade school and beyond. Toys that promote imagination can help children be
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