The Necessity of Web Conferencing for Corporates

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Introduction Internet based conferencing is as safe as face-to-face meetings. Web conferencing is always a secure network which provide opportunity for the participants to engage in a high quality, live, face-to-face meetings while they use their own computers for a fully internet-based interactive two way videoconferencing service. An integrated feature of web conferencing is the ability embedding into the network other fresh users or holding multi-person meetings by the subscribers. Such feature gives subscribers opportunity to be brought into a call, at the same time they all appear on the screen or projector display as they communicate as though they were next to each other around a conference table. Such an environment is always highly secured and of high quality transmission. Participants in an internet based conferencing or web conferencing are able to share video, audio, content or blend of these in real time. This makes people to be in a position to attend presentations of diverse nature, with various materials or meetings without physical presence. Web conferencing participants can either have a downloaded application on their computers or access a website or URL so that they join the group that is having the presentation or meeting, Patton, E. (2009). The web conferencing also comes with the benefit of body language as is in the face-to-face communication. The participants are able to read the body language of the instructor and the instructor is able to read
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