The Necklace And The Rights To The Streets Of Memphis Character Analysis

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Have you ever noticed that your actions/choices affect how and where you end up in life? In the stories, The Necklace and The rights to the Streets of Memphis the character’s choices, and how well they make them, depend on how the characters end up. While some may say the characters were affected more by chance, the characters in The Necklace, and The Rights to the Streets of Memphis were ultimately affected by their actions because when Richard chose to man up and stand up for himself in front of the boys he got his money back, Richard decided he did not want to stay out in the streets until he fought those boys just like Madame Loisel decided she did not want to live a poor lifestyle for any longer , and Madame Loisel's greed and desire for wealth ironically caused her to live a poor lifestyle. In the story The Necklace, Madame Loisel and her husband were poor and not wealthy. But Madame Loisel did not enjoy being poor and wanted to live a rich and wealthy lifestyle. While her husband did not mind living the poor lifestyle they lived and did not care if they were rich or not. In the story her husband got both of them an invitation to a party and needed a nice outfit and jewels to wear but Madame Loisel had neither. So they both decided to borrow some of Madame Forestier’s jewels. They lost the necklace before they could return it to Madame Forestier and decided to buy a real diamond necklace for 30,000 francs (which they could not afford) instead of confessing to

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