The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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In the begining of the short story, The Necklace written by Guy De Maupassant, He starts off by describing the character Mathilde, who is described as being ”one of those pretty and charming creatures who sometimes are born into a family of clerks. As I was reading I pictured a pretty lady who was pretty and charming and was happy with her life. As you continue reading, the story starts describing her life style and how she lives and then goes to what life style she would prefer. Mathilde, ”dressed plainly because she could not dress well”. Did she dress plainly because she couldnt afford it or was it beacuse she thought she wasn 't pretty enough to dress nicely? As you continue reading the author describes her surrondings as being ”shabby”,” bare” and ”ugly”. Mathilde was a dreamer. She dreamed of being a women with money, a nice house and many friends.” She had no gowns, no jewels.nothing”.And she loved nothing but that. Her way of thinking made her angry and full of envy. Mathilde had a friend who had all the Riches and luxuries that she wanted but she could not go over to her house because it would make her sad. Mathilde was married” to a little clerk of the Ministry of Public Instruction”. He loved his wife and when he received an invintation from the Minister of Public Instruction, He offered it at the dinner table that night hopping she would be excited but, ”Instead of being delighted, as her husband had hoped,She threw the invitation on the table crossly.”Because

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