The Necklace: Is She A Good Or Bad Decision Maker

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In the story, “The Necklace” (de Maupassant), a woman faces many problems, especially after she is invited to an elegant reception. The woman is Madame Loisel, who wishes to live a life of luxury, and she responded to these problems with superior and imperfect solutions. The question, “Is she a good or bad decision maker?” is a little difficult to answer. Mme. Loisel’s solutions to troubles vary, but she is an adequate decision maker. An analysis of three of her responses can prove her quality of choice making. One of the dilemmas that Mme. Loisel faced occurred just after she had acquired a new dress to wear to the aforementioned reception. The dilemma was, she owned no jewelry to wear with the gown, “It’s embarrassing not to have a jewel or a gem - nothing to wear on my dress.” (de Maupassant 223). Mme. Loisel’s husband suggested, “Go see your friend Mme. Forestier, and ask her to lend you some…show more content…
Loisel experiences another difficult situation.. While leaving the reception she loses her borrowed jewelry, “Suddenly she gave a cry. The necklace was gone” (de Maupassant 225). So in order to cover her mistake and solve this problem, Monsieur and Madame Loisel buy an identical necklace, without telling Mme. Forestier, “He went about raising the money”... “he went to claim the new necklace with the thirty-six thousand francs, which he placed on the counter of the shopkeeper” (de Maupassant 226). Although this seems like a terrible way to go about resolving the problem, there are a few good aspects of her conclusion. For instance, Mme. Forestier won’t be heartbroken about the loss of the necklace, and the purchase of a new necklace might make up for the loss if the truth is ever discovered, but most aspects of the action are bad. If Mme. Forestier ever finds out about the lost article, she will most likely be upset, Mme. Loisel herself may live with guilt for a long time, and the friendship between the two women could be destroyed and never
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