The Need For Computing Systems

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The need for computing systems has been increasing in the last decades. This can be proved by the increase on the use of cloud computing. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), cloud computing is an online system that allows to share different types of sources with slight resources (NIST 2012). In addition, cloud computing is changing the tradition definition of computation and information as products to services (Laykin 2013, p.142; Demir 2012, p.30). This change has brought a considerable number of advantages, such as “on demand self-service”, “broad network access”, “resource pooling”, “rapid elasticity” and “measure service” (NIST 2012). However, this new technology also has been rising new ethical…show more content…
For example, Facebook and Google docs are system that store data in the cloud (Demir 2012, 31), and users do not have total control or knowledge of where or how long time the data is stored. The second category of risk, tradition security threats, is the one that most of systems are subjected and in cloud system have their consequence in a larger amount of users (Marinescu 2013, p. 274). Generally, tradition security threats are related to disorder in the system integrity that can occur through intentional attacks, such as phishing, SQL insertion, and cross-site scripting (NIST 2012; Marinescu 2013, p. 274). One example of this type of attack is the one that occurred in Akamai on 2004 that affected google, yahoo and other major companies (Marinescu 2013, p. 15). The last classification of risk, system availability, can be caused by unexpected events as system failures and power outages; for instance, the interruption of Amazon servers in 2009 that was caused by a lightning (Marinescu 2013, p. 15). Cloud systems are vulnerable to a series of different risks and a trustable system should be capable to avoid and rapidly recover from this failures. However, just know about the risks is not enough; it is necessary also know the impacts of these risks. Generally,
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