The Need For Developmental Education

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The need for developmental education is on the rise due to the changes in rigor in secondary and postsecondary institutions. Many students enter college unprepared academically so; many students need to take developmental coursework. Chung (2005) explains in this article how developmental education theories and practices are needed to help postsecondary students. Chung provides insight to the learning theory and approaches that would help those students become successful in school while taking into account the diverse students and their specific needs. There were two distinct approaches which were explained by Chung which are the theory-oriented approach and practice- oriented approach. Chung’s goal in his article was to “challenge conventional interpretations of theory and the relationship between the theory and practice” (pg. 3, 2005). Chung states that “developmental coursework” is often required by about 30% of postsecondary students which means there a need for developmental education and learning assistances (2005). Developmental education encompasses several activities such as: providing educational opportunities for students, assessing a student’s level of preparedness for college, and helping the students have the skills and attitude necessary to be successful in their academics, and life goals. Theory-oriented approach is common sense approach that helps seasoned practitioners. The goal of this approach is to provide the practitioners with the most recent
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