The Need For Greater Understanding Of Theology

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Grenz and Olson, passionate about the need for greater understanding of theology, have taken on a difficult task in attempting to address the concerns of those who might question the need for theology and lead them into conscientious practice of theology themselves. Who Needs Theology?, however brief and rudimentary the method, does make an effective argument for the need for everyone to engage in the study of theology and provides a basic framework from which to begin such study. It is clear from the opening pages of this book that it was written with the lay theologian in mind and therefore the book is written in a simple, clear and understandable manner. Grenz and Olson are careful to always define terms and never assume, beyond their presupposition that their audience are Christian followers, a minimum knowledge or experience prior to engaging their text. Consequently, Who Needs Theology? is very understandable and easily applicable to the average reader. However, what being is understood and applied must be considered carefully in determining the usefulness of this text. The first half of Who Needs Theology? establishes the argument of the substance, importance and study of theology by all people, not just clergy and professional academics. Returning to Grenz and Olson 's definition, “Christian theology is reflecting on and articulating the God-centered life and beliefs that Christians share as followers of Jesus Christ, and it is done in order that God may be
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