The Need For Multi Store For B2b Solutions

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The Need for Multi-store for B2B Solutions The Need for Multistore for B2B Solutions Multistores grow increasingly popular on world-class B2B eCommerce platforms for many reasons, but the primary factor that fuels the trend is customer convenience. Unique branding options, popular store-within-store applications, simplified ordering, easier-to-find product information, dedicated manufacturer catalogs and creating regional stores are among the top benefits of creating multiple stores in one B2B platform. The benefits of establishing multiple stores within an eCommerce platform framework include: Creating niche shops that can provide greater focus and visibility on key products and brands Enhancing the ability to close deals without…show more content…
The trends of B2B eCommerce favor platforms where customers can find multiple products and services from a range of manufacturers, product vendors and service providers. These B2B marketplaces are gradually taking over the traditional, static website that offers only one supplier even when the supplier markets a vast range of products and services.[1] Multistores make shopping easier for buyers by categorizing products in greater detail. That makes it easier for advanced structural engineers to find the construction products they need without having to wade through pages designed for neighborhood handymen and plumbers. About 33 percent of procurement specialists complain that their biggest ordering difficulty is finding product information because many suppliers carry too many products and ordering options for simplified ordering.[2] An astonishing 89 percent of survey respondents also expressed a desire for B2B ordering as simple and compelling as consumer
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