The Need For Network Security Area Of Residence

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The main objective of this paper is to create and analyze the need for network security area of residence. Equilibrium is established safety against the risk always necessary to be moderate. How HAN is related families there is some interest "paid to the network security area of the residence. Previously threats HAN were other malware and viruses. Now, in this modern world, with the invention of technology wireless networking, broadband and convergence of various technologies of communication that has been implemented by Hans these vulnerabilities have increased more. Public has less knowledge about identity theft, hacking and credit cards will not affect them a lot. So this article the current and future technology in the area of network security residence described, and how it will affect and even some of the security measures in the area of origin of the network.
In the modern age, everyone has a computer and Internet connection. The benefits of networking and interconnection of computers made a big impact on the average household. Home area network known as the downward trend in prices of personal computers and network hardware. The latest versions of different operating systems among the attendees of the network that facilitates the configuration of the local home area network easy enough. Today, can anyone be implemented local area network connecting nodes PC to switch and power supply equipment.

Many people are choosing to have their personal computers for work
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