The Need For Priority Direction . The Australian Research

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The need for priority direction
The Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth imitated the Nest action agenda and established ‘improving the physical health of young Australians’ as one of the six priority directions (ARACY 2014), aiming to achieve good physical health for all children. Many health conditions are associated with early childhood (Patton & Viner 2007). During children’s development, the bodies undergo dramatic physical changes. Puberty that initiates the peaks in neural and hormonal changes, accompanied by the brain maturation and physical growth, provides opportunities and challenges for children and adolescents transiting into healthy young adults (Patton & Viner 2007). Physical health is also inter-related with
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The uncovered disadvantages and vulnerability of the Indigenous young people suggest a priority needs to address this population’s physical health.

Furthermore, as good physical health not only has the on-going impacts across young Indigenous Australians’ lifespans, but also lays a significant foundation to the population health and the success for future public health (Sawyer et al. 2012). Addressing Indigenous young people’s physical health is crucial in achieving the public health agenda. Australian Indigenous children are assets of Australia, improving Indigenous children’s physical health would bring health, social and economic benefits in the current and future generations (Patton et al. 2016). Failure to address young population’s health would further widen the social inequity and jeopardise human rights, resulting in social instability (Resnick et al. 2012). These concerns urge government to establish improving Indigenous young Australians’ physical health as a priority direction.

The selected determinates of Indigenous young Australians’ physical health

A wide range of determinates, such as discrimination, nutrition and education have significant impact on Indigenous young Australians’ physical health. However, and further, the causes of health disparities are linked to the unique Indigenous culture that influenced by the history of colonisation. Colonisation led to the loss of land, the loss of the habitats of the local food sources upon
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