The Need Of Humanitarian Assistance

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There is currently a war going on in Syria, and has been going on for a couple of years now, beginning in March 2011. As a result to this, millions of Syrians are stuck in the warzone, becoming malnourished, abused, ill, and oppressed. Their economy, healthcare, education systems and other organizations are being destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are being killed, and millions are in need of humanitarian assistance. The biggest dilemma is that roughly half of those who are suffering are children. “More than 40% of children are unable to go to school because there are fewer teachers and lots of school buildings have been damaged in the fighting” (Bbc, 2016). This is a huge problem because these children aren’t getting the proper education they need to succeed in the future. With these children not receiving the education they need, it puts them at a disadvantage for the future, where they really far behind intellectually. These kids are also not receiving the proper nutrition they need to grow. There is a huge lack of resources, especially food and water and that can interfere with the way a child’s brain and body develop. If you look at the images of Syrian children refugees, you can tell how tired and malnourished they look. It is heartbreaking to see since they’re children and they should be enjoying their childhood by playing and learning, not suffering like they are currently doing. Some of these children also have to work in order to provide for their
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