The Need Of Integrating Lean And Six Sigma

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Literature Review: the need of integrating of Lean and Six Sigma to improve continuous improvement methodology. Donavan Felkers 9758274 April 2016 Abstract I selected Lean Management as the field of research because continuous improvement programs are interesting to me. More specifically I chose to study the characteristics of Lean Six Sigma, a combination of two popular process improvement methodologies. What companies have found out is that their results are much greater using the Lean Six Sigma methodology instead of Lean or Six Sigma individually. The reason behind this conclusion is that both Lean and Six Sigma have their benefits but also their flaws whereas Lean Six Sigma just incorporates the best techniques, principles and…show more content…
This paper reviews some related literatures to describe methodology, implementation and future researches . The present paper summaries the initial Six Sigma basic concept, DMAIC deployment. Keywords –Lean; Six Sigma; methodology; implementation; future research; quality management Search Strategy – The study is based on a critical comparison of lean and six sigma. The research consisted of examining Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma literature The search strategy was developed by first identifying the relevant data sources and keywords. The databases included IEEE Xplore and the Internet. The search set out by choosing a set of keywords and possible combinations that could be significant to Six Sigma. The concept of Six Sigma embraces a very wide range of aspects and so a considerable number of search strings were deemed necessary. These captured all the aspects that characterize Six Sigma, such as definition, methodology, techniques, tools, implementation, enablers and issues. Keywords related to other important concepts to analyze possible connections were also used. Examples of these include lean, integration of Lean and Six sigma, process management, Just in time, Lean production, Total quality management, Six sigma, Production processes Literature searches show where people are concentrating their research and will
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