The Need and Importance of Human Resource Planning for Cathay Pacific Airlines

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Abstract The contemporary organizations across the world are well versed with the importance of the fact that human power is among the most critical assets cherished by the organizations. The subject related content of human resources has particularly gained significant importance in the prevailing era on account of its importance in the organizational context. Work force planning is in fact a systematic approach that is used for identifying and addressing calculated gaps or discrepancies of the availability of human resources currently available with respect to the future needs and anticipated skill of the human resource needed to cater the future challenges of an organization. Subsequently the human resource planning forms the summative pillar of organization's success and strategic decision making. Hence workforce planning is a cumulative term that caters to the multidimensional aspects of managerial expertise, the human resources, and the related availability of financing and staffing. But yet the important point to rely here is specified by the systematic arrangement of workforce availability with respect to prospect changes an organization is likely to confront in the times to come Introduction In the existing complex and competitive environment the organizations are striving for their profitable survival in the market. One of the techniques employed by mature and competitive organizations is the expansion of their operations in an international as well as the
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