The Need for Complementary Medicine

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Complementary medicine Background CAM has been used from time in history and the use of acupuncture together with the conventional medicine or health care process has been preferred over time as the easiest and fastest way to lessen pain in an individual. CAM has always been used as an integrative medicine as well as complementary medicine rather than alternative medicine by most Americans. Historically Monks were allowed by Buddha to eat raw flesh and drink raw blood in case ones ailments were inflicted by ghosts. Modern and alternative medicines are considered to be just supportive elements in the healing process (Wichit P. &Luechai S., 2002). This serves to show how ancient the practice of Cam has come, and the use of marijuana, as will be the centre of focus in our case, is one of the central CAM used and has had a long history just like those mentioned above. There are several Americans who use the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) with a hope of having full health and total well being. In the National Health Interview survey (NHIS) that was conducted in 2007, there was particular emphasis placed on CAM as used by most Americans and the result were that on estimation, 38% of the adults in America use CAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2011). Having a single definition of CAM has over the years been a difficult task since the alternatives have been varying from time to time with more and more ingredients to the
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