The Need for Efficient Electricity Essay

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As the need of electricity rises to sustain more and more electrical devices and support America’s constantly growing population, there becomes a need for more efficient ways of producing the energy needed to accommodate these demands. There are plenty of renewable resources such as wind, water, and the sun, but these sources have yet shown any practical use in America’s need for massive amounts of energy (Schulz). One solution to America’s needs may be to look more deeply into nuclear power. Nuclear power plants split uranium and plutonium atoms, a process known as fission, to produce high amounts of heat within a reactor, turning water into steam used to power generators (Introduction to Nuclear Energy). Twenty percent of America's…show more content…
The demand for fossil fuel would greatly be reduced, lowering gas prices and less foreign dependency on oil. America could even build plants overseas and manage these facilities for a cost. The impact of going nuclear could help America out of the current debt it is in now. Although some Americans would love to see the use of nuclear power die, it has and will continue to help spawn new ideas and advancements in many areas of nuclear technology. The United States Navy has already created nuclear powered aircraft carriers (Department of the Navy). This advancement in powering large vessels could also be used to create more efficient cargo ships or cruise liners, most of which currently release air-born pollutants. The National Astronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has also been looking in nuclear power; they have been working on nuclear powered robots and rockets for years (Davidson). Dr. Edward Weiler of NASA states, “Nuclear generators were necessary for outer planet missions” (Leary). Maybe one day man will be able to do explorations to unknown regions of space through nuclear powered shuttles. Nuclear power has urged forward ongoing developments in fusion energy, which ideally will fuses deuterium and tritium, different isotopes of hydrogen, together, to yield more energy than the process of fission currently in use today (Leary); one pound of H2 + H3 would create 46 million

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