Essay on The Need for Employee Counseling

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The Need for Employee Counseling Employees are the most valuable asset the company has. Without employees the company is just bricks and walls and pieces of iron and steel. Employees are the ones that bring the place alive, they cause the activity and they are responsible for output. Though today all of us have been influenced by the age of information technology and automation, there is no company that can claim that it can make it on its own without employees. In fact today more than ever it is necessary for organizations to realize that an employee is very valuable and losing an employee is a resource lost. Having said as much, we see that in actual practice dealing with employees at times is the worst nightmare of any manager.…show more content…
It does not set real policy instead it implements decisions about employee relations made by others. (1:1) This is a frightening reality. The major chunk of the day is spent managing people, yet this is a skill, which is left to be either learnt by doing or emulating others. Few have learnt management skills in a formal way. Mostly they have learnt it from their mentors who have learnt it from their mentors and so on and so forth; making our system not only ancient but completely inept in today's world of ideas. (1:2) Guidelines for effective employee relations ¤ Drive out fear from employees ¤ Treat employees with respect The article by Peterson, Bert on 'Employee Relations Today,' clearly states that employee relations (the foremost of which is to drive out fear) starts at the top. The way the Chief Executive looks at the company sets the standards. If employees are viewed as labor cost then no matter what anyone else in the company tries to do can overcome this perception. (1:3) In the words of Dr. Deming (as cited in Bert, “n.d.”), who developed the widely acclaimed Deming Quality Principles: "Drive out fear. Many employees are afraid to ask questions or to take a position; even when they do not understand what the job is or what is right or wrong. People will continue to do things the wrong way, or not to do them at all. The economic loss from fear is appalling. It is necessary for better quality and productivity that people
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