The Need for Internal Communication in an Effective Business

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It is how they make the other parties understand what they try to say, do something toward it and viceverca. Communication can be done directly by talking straight forward to the person, or indirectly which mean trough media from hand writing in a piece of paper, having conversations trough telephone or even face talking using internet connection, some applications and computer system. Nowadays effective communication is one of the most important key in the business field. However, this essay will discuss about how effective internal communication is crucial to build a successful organization.

First of all, some scholar define internal communication as a communication with employees internally within the organisation (Cornelissen, Joep. 2011. 164). It is not as simply as circular information around but it is creating meaning and understanding (Gray, Rodney and Larry Robertson. 2005. 27). According to Effective Internal Communication, the author mentioned about BBC who define “‘internal communication’ as the act of communicating internally, whereas ‘internal communications’ is the function which helps deliver it” (Smith, Lyn; Mounter, Pamela. 2008. 10). In short, internal communication is an exchange ideas among employees in a particular organisation.

Furthermore, internal communication practices includes downward and upward communication concepts. Downward communication is when the top of organisational…
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