The Need for Product Reassessment: Personal Computers Case Study

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Product Reassessment Author's Name Author's Affiliation Table of Contents Product Reassessment 1 Product Reassessment 2 Research Required before the Launching Personal Computers 2 Technical Feasibility 3 Competition Review 3 User Need Estimates 3 Trend Reports 3 Research Summary 3 Repositioning Personal Computers in United States of America 4 Methods to Increase Adoption Rates of Personal Computers 5 Addition of New Service Component to Increase Sales of Personal Computers 6 Distribution Problems of Personal Computers 6 Measures to Solve the Issue 7 Works Cited 8 Product Reassessment Product reassessment is the procedure done when an already existing product is reassessed in all aspects before launching it in a new target market. In this process, assessor views all the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of the product of service before launching it in a new target market. The main focus is on the working of the product and the advantages it can give to its target consumers. The basic focus while reassessing the product is on the expected outcome and its impact in the performance of the target consumer. It emphasizes on the achievements it can guarantee to the consumers. All these measures are monitored properly before launching the product in the new target market in order to attain the objective and satisfy the new consumers. This reassessment plays a significant role in early stage market assessment and profits that can be
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