The Need for Quality Metrics in Green Construction Companies

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The Need for Quality Metrics in Green Construction Companies: Analysis of Quality Differences in Traditional and Sustainable Building Practices Susie Williamson 9470 N. Little Cottonwood Rd. Sandy, Utah 84092 Dr. Leo Shelton PM 588 Fall Session 2, 2010 Introduction Conrad Construction Industries is a residential and commercial contracting firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah consisting of 100 employees, in addition to governing a board of directors and multiple subcontractors. The organization has maintained a competive advantage in the construction industry for several years. However, in 2006 the board of directors recognized an industry trend towards sustainable building driven by the…show more content…
Literary Review 1. Green Building Market Pacing Three-fold Gains by 2013 “ The U.S. green building market is accelerating at a dramatic rate, potentially tripling over the next five years.” “Report confirms a fivefold climb in the value of green building construction starts from 2005 to 2008, and cites prospects for the market reaching the $96 billion to $ 140 billion growth range in five years”. (Rock Products, 2010) 2. A Lean Modeling Protocol for Evaluating Green Project Delivery “The first vital step to leaning an operation is to model or map the processes used to deliver processes. This indicates where value-adding activity exists, and provides the foundation for improvement.” “Research is beginning to show that delivery process features are a major factor in the increase of first cost for green buildings (Mogge 2004), and that owners modifying the traditional project delivery process to accommodate green buildings can reduce or eliminate their first cost increase for green buildings (Lipinski 2005).” “ To achieve their performance benefits, green projects use intense interdisciplinary collaboration during design, highly complex modeling and analysis, and careful material and system selection particularly early in the project delivery process (Riley et al. 2004).” (Klotz, Horman, & Bodenschatz, 2007) 3. An Integrated

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