The Need for Reform in Collegiate Sports Essay

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The Need for Reform in Collegiate Sports The current institutional structure of intercollegiate athletics is attempting to maximize educational quality and athletic excellence simultaneously. Each of which will inevitably impinge on one another. Universities claim that their athletes are amateurs who are attending college for academic achievement and play sports in their free time. This is an impossible task for anybody. Higher education has entered the arena of big business with its athletic programs and with it many problems have emerged for coaches, athletes, and the athletic system itself. There is systematic corruption. Exploitation and hypocrisy are givens in college athletics. Athletic personnel are mistakenly given the…show more content…
It should be noted that the graduation rate for athletes across the nation is not promising. Scholarships become worthless promises if they do not result in a certificate. According to Louis Barbash, a television producer, 3 out of 10 basketball players graduate, while 4 out of 10 football players graduate. Many athletes emerge from college illiterate, without a degree, and without a professional athletic career. The system is cheating these individuals. It is a known fact that 44% of all African Americans in collegiate sports expect to play professionally. A college athlete has a better chance of becoming an astronaut than they do playing professionally. One athlete out of 10,000 will ever play professionally. Athletes are dominated, managed and controlled. They do not receive an education or wage commensurate with their contribution to economic returns. They are making millions for universities while receiving nothing. Louis Barbash, a writer and producer, feels that the NCAA has failed athletes terribly. They have two options: to professionalize sports or to meet the Ivy League ideal (equal standards and expectations for athletes and nonathletes). If they choose to professionalize college sports, then each team acts as a minor league. The average salary has been proposed around 17,000 dollars. Athletes can also take classes if they want with no specific time limit for completion. This act would have to be implemented by NCAA or legislation.
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