The Need for Student Assessment

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Extant literature has been dedicated to this concept and they all show how the concept of Student assessment can be applied across all academic domains including reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, composition as well as other academic areas in an effort of improving academic outcomes (Hosp & Hosp, 2003).In this paper, we evaluate the perceived benefits of student assessment and progress tracking system. In the paper, we consider the purpose, range and effectiveness of three key assessment approaches used in our area of learning. We also discuss how such assessments can impact on educational standards.
The need for student assessment
Student assessment can be used in the creation of instructional groups as noted by Fuchs, Fuchs and Bishop (1992).It can also be used in identifying skill deficits (Whinnery & Stecker, 1992),screen students for cases of potential early school failure as noted by Speece and Case, (2001) as well as help in the evaluation of the reintegration process for the students who are moving from special to the general education setting as noted by Shinn, Powell-Smith, Good and Baker (1997).Student assessment is noted by Shapiro (2008) to have value…
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