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The purpose of the prison system was meant to be a deterrent to crime, as a preventative measure and to those who have already committed crimes, it is supposed to keep them from coming back. Obviously this did not work, today there are overcrowded jails and courts that look to any other way to punish a criminal besides jail time. The other options do not work either, they have not reduced the prison population nor have they created a sort of fear of being punished that a tougher system might do(Faugeron 5). I think the prison system should be made tougher, and that the alternatives to prison be used in cases where the crime was very small and the criminal would benefit from some other form of punishment than prison. If the criminal has …show more content…
The thought behind these views is that being able to change how a person thinks while they are behind bars will mean that you can change how they see the world and thus make them see that there is more to it than violent behavior. I don't know if all prisoners could be converted into thinking this, but some are capable and I think it is worth the effort if you can teach people that there is more to life than violence. I don't think they would be changed by the notion that performing community acts as a just punishment for every crime, however. This theory is rather nave, but it is trying to show people how inmates should be treated if there is to be any hope of rehabilitation.

The prison system needs to be based on giving the criminal one impression, the only way I am going to be able to get out of this is by getting paroled. There are as many as 3.2 million adult males under parole or probation, 1 out of 24 adult men is on some form of correctional supervision(Palmer x foreword). "Programs within the justice system have a higher percentage of positive outcomes than do programs categorized as nonsystem diversion, probation/parole/community corrections."(Palmer 24). The point being that the people who had some type of structured environment where they did lose something. I think that the loss of someone you love, and the loss of privacy and your happy normal

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