The Need for True Leadership

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Leadership is defined as an influence procedure that influenced employees and leaders to achieve the goals of the organizational by changing. Leadership also defined as the one who are planning, directing, or guiding someone or a group to mutual the goal. To become a good leadership, must be performance as an unselfish service and respectable personality to subordinate. Nowadays, there are few types of leadership which are common exist in work environment, such as laissez-faire, democratic, autocratic, transformational, transactional.
First of all, a laissez-faire leadership is defined as a leader lacks of direction supervision of employees and fails to provide feedback to the employees under his supervision. The leader allows experienced employees make many decision within a team. It provided a completed freedom to employees to do what they have to work, set the deadline for their work. Also, laissez-faire leadership style promotes trust in employees, thus most of the employees will try to do the best thing to feedback to their leader. This style works well when the employees are having highly capability and motivated. However, this style may lead to poor production, increasing cost, leader become lazier and lack of control.
Besides that, democratic is also one of the leadership style that used by world-wide companies. This leadership style allows employees make decision making, and also can provide contribution before making decision, allow them to do their jobs
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