The Need for a Resilient Agricultural System

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Climate change and the diminishing of the natural resource base caused by human activity to provide their needs and satisfy their insatiable appetite for more things as well as the pressure on the nature caused by population increase has necessitated the need for such behaviors and activities as will assist man to cope in this situation. These behaviors and activities to cope are called resilience and Walker and Salt (2006) defined resilience as the ability of a system to absorb disturbance and still retain its basic function and structure. To reach to this resilience level, there is need for redesigning of the use of the natural resource base in a manner that will ensure its sustainability. One of the systems that depend on the use of natural resource base for its total thriving is the agricultural system. The extent to which an agricultural system is resilient depends solely upon the practices used to extract benefits from the system, that is, to improve productivity. It is therefore imperative to ensure that farmers employ sustainable practices, stakeholders put in measures that promote these sustainable practices and policies be developed that support the sustainable practices. Nevertheless, there are other various drivers and disturbances that impact on agricultural system apart from the unsustainable practices and these drivers also determine the level at which the agricultural system will be resilient. In this paper, I will discuss the agricultural system and its
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