The Need for a Strategic Approach to Enterprise Mobility Essay

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WHITE P APER Sponsored by: Compuware David Tapper January 2013 THE CHANGING ENTERPR ISE Today's enterprises are under tremendous pressure to keep pace with a rapidly changing marketplace while supporting employees, customers, and consumers who are using an entirely new set of capabilities to meet their needs. Capabilities such as social media, cloud services, analytics, and mobility are enabling users and buyers to localize and personalize specific needs to do a variety of tasks, whether for professional or personal purposes. While the combination of these capabilities is radically altering the means by which enterprises need to do business, the move to a mobile-enabled world is creating tremendous opportunities for enterprises to…show more content…
In such business cases, critical factors will involve security, accuracy of information, compliance, and regulation.  Impact of millennial generation and globalization on mobility. Members of the expanding millennial generation (loosely defined as people born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s) will — as they move up the corporate ladder — increasingly drive dramatic changes in how enterprises utilize mobility. Much of this is driven by factors such as their ease of leveraging the world of online and what increasingly are referred to as "cloud services" through which they can essentially perform any task, professionally or personally, via a basic Web connection and, now, a mobile device — and do so anywhere in the world. Global Headquarters: 5 Speen Street Framingham, MA 01701 USA P.508.872.8200 F.508.935.4015  Increased role of social media in business environments. Employees are increasingly using social media as part of "doing business," such as for sales, marketing, and customer support or, in unfortunate cases, damage control. Combining mobility with social media presents enterprises with significant opportunities such as targeting new customers for sales or providing improved customer service. However, it also presents new potential challenges such as how to analyze the vast volumes of "Big Data" to benefit the business and how to integrate the appropriate business processes and functions.  Utilizing business analytics to
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