The Need of Transition Within the US Army

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The Need for Change to the U.S. Army The Need for Change to the U.S. Army: The United States Army is undergoing a period of transition as it seeks to build and maintain a flexible force. As a result, the organization is studying potential changes to its structure and composition of its brigade combat teams. As part of the ongoing analysis to explore alternatives between three-battalion and two-battalion brigade compositions, the organization is considering the possibility of examining the entire force in design and structure. The need for such changes has been fueled by the growing need for improvement of security forces as they tackle threats to national security. In addition to this, there have been various calls for initiatives that are geared towards changing the United States Army officer culture through management rather than understanding process. Through a process of understanding instead of management, the U.S. Army officer culture will shift from mere risk aversion to uncertainty intolerance. Company Overview: Apart from the Marine Corps, the new generation of United States Army officers has been increasingly attracted by mechanistic and technological solutions to the multifaceted problems emanating from war. According to several senior officers, computer technology advances and evolving communication systems will permit the United States military to identify and destroy everything within the broad range of the battlefield. In some cases, the advances have
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