The Need to Enforce Uniforms in Our Schools

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Imagine three sixth grade girls walking into different schools on their first day. One girl is wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers with no name brands. As she walks in her classroom she immediately feels out of place because she surrounded by her peers wearing the most expensive name brands she has ever seen. The second girl walks into school wearing Abercrombie jeans, a Lilly Pulitzer top, and Sperry’s that makes her feel popular because of her clothing. The last girl walks into her school wearing a khaki skirt and a purple polo shirt-- her school’s colors. She feels comfortable and fits right in with her other peers that are wearing the same uniform. Which girl would you rather be? The one that feels like she does not belong, the girl whose confidence is in her clothes instead of her personality, or the girl who has high self esteem? This debate goes on everyday in schools, communities, and even families. Uniforms should be enforced in schools throughout the country because they save families money, students will not be judged by their clothing, and overall school safety will improve. When you think of school uniforms, the stereotypical image of girls in plaid skirts and white blouses and boys in dark dress pants and a button down shirt usually comes to mind. The first school uniform was used in Christ’s Hospital (est. 1552), which consisted of a long trench coat styled jacket that was dyed blue. In 1994, nearly 440 years later, the district of Long Beach, CA issued

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